Sony Announces Original TV Show for PlayStation Network

Sony Announces Original TV Show for PlayStation Network

NEW YORK, March 20 (UPI)–Japanese electronics giant Sony announced the first original TV series to be distributed in the United States exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

The company said “Powers,” a series following a detective who investigators crimes involving super powers, will be the first TV series to be available exclusively on the PlayStation Network, which is accessible only with a PlayStation console, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Officials said the original programming, to be produced by Sony Pictures Television, will be separate from Sony’s scheme to introduce an online pay-TV service, which would offer traditional TV channels over the Internet for a fee.

“It’s about having a broad range of broadcast content to replicate the live TV experience,” said Andrew House, president and group chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

The PlayStation Network currently allows users to buy digital downloads of TV shows and movies as well as access streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.