Report: Green Agenda Problematic for 'Noah'

Report: Green Agenda Problematic for 'Noah'

Incorporating green agendas into Hollywood product is hardly new. Just consider films like Promised Land, Happy Feet Two and Avatar as recent examples of environmentally suggestive storytelling.

Inserting green themes into a blockbuster adaptation of a Bible-based story, though, is another matter.

The Telegraph reports on the controversy surrounding Noah, the Russell Crowe feature set to open in theaters nationwide Friday.

Noah’s director Darren Aronofsky, a self-described atheist who made the Oscar-nominated hit The Black Swan, has described the movie as is “the least biblical biblical film ever made” and called Noah “the first environmentalist….”

After advance test screenings, there were complaints that the film did not adhere strictly enough to the Old Testament verses and portrays Noah as an environmental crusader to deliver a secular ecological doomsday message.

The film is drawing praise from some Christians all the same, a fact Paramount is trying to spread via a featurette quoting faith-based commentators defending the film. Others aren’t convinced, and their arguments could have an impact on the film’s box office potential.

The insertion of the extremist environmental agenda is a problem,” said Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters group.