Obamacare Kills Opie & Anthony's Healthcare Plans, and They're Pissed

Obamacare Kills Opie & Anthony's Healthcare Plans, and They're Pissed

Gregg Hughes was perfectly happy with his existing health care plan. That plan is now a thing of the past thanks to ObamaCare, and Hughes has a pretty big microphone to blast the people responsible for the change.

Hughes is one half of the veteran radio team Opie & Anthony, and that allowed him to rail against the so-called Affordable Care Act and its unintended consequences.

“I have to pick all new plans because what I have wasn’t good enough,” Hughes said.

Anthony Cumia tried to console his radio partner.

“Were you happy with your other insurance. … then you can keep it, oh, that’s right. You can’t,” Cumia said, before indirectly slamming Sen. Harry Reid for claiming people condemning ObamaCare are simply making up their beefs with the legislation.

“You’re lying … this is all lies the Republicans are throwing out there to make it seem … no, millions of people are having their insurance policies canceled.” Cumia said.

The talkers both groused about the amount of confusing insurance paper work they now face to ensure they remain covered against medical issues.

“I have no fucking idea how to attempt this,” Hughes said.

Meanwhile, the show’s phone lines lit up with callers suffering from similar problems. The two were shocked people weren’t more outraged about ObamaCare, but Cumia thinks he knows why.

“They can’t fucking grasp that Obama lied to the American people when he said you can keep your insurance” Cumia said.


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