Corporate Money-Backed Jon Stewart Blasts… Corporate Money

Corporate Money-Backed Jon Stewart Blasts… Corporate Money

If there is a theme that has run through Jon Stewart’s career it has been one of restricting and attacking the speech of others in an effort to silence them. This clip from Thursday in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to strike down limits on political contributions is a perfect example. Behind that clown nose is a man seething over the idea that others might benefit from what he has benefited from for his entire career: a ton of corporate money funding his political speech:  

Stewart laughs at the idea that money equals speech. Take away the money funding him, though, and what is he? Just another smug, insufferable, aging bore telling everyone “how it is” at the local Starbucks.

Jon Stewart has no problem personally being paid millions of corporate dollars every year to fund the spouting his left-wing political views on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Jon Stewart has no problem that a huge multi-national corporation like Viacom funds the platform from which Stewart spouts his political opinions on a daily basis.

What Stewart does have a problem with, though, is the thought of anyone else enjoying the same free political speech he does using the same resources.

The same is true of the mainstream media.  

MSNBC and CNN will spend hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate money in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC and CNN just don’t want anyone else doing the same.

Jon Stewart, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the mainstream media think that they are the only entities that should be allowed to spend unlimited amounts of corporate money on political speech.

The rest of us should just shut up and listen.

By what standard should Jon Stewart or Chuck Todd or Sean Hannity or SEIU enjoy more free speech rights than the Koch brothers or George Soros?

I don’t like Jon Stewart. His bizarre fascist streak makes me like him even less than I do most smug leftists. But I would never attempt to legislate or outlaw the corporate money that gives him a platform.

That would be un-American.


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