Alec Baldwin Fires Off Another Homophobic Tweet

Alec Baldwin Fires Off Another Homophobic Tweet

BuzzFeed reports that on Wednesday morning television actor Alec Baldwin lashed out at Garrett Jackson, a former aide to Governor Mitt Romney, with a homophobic tweet that read, “You’re on your knees in that photo. What’s up with that Garrett?”

Baldwin was obviously referring to Jackson’s Twitter profile photo where Jackson is on one knee next to Romney as they both read something. Baldwin quickly deleted the tweet.

The spat began at 8:36 am and quickly devolved into this:

This is now the third incident of documented homophobia from Baldwin in a very short period of time. Less than a year ago, in June of 2013, Baldwin launched a series of anti-gay taunts and threats at a gay reporter. Soon after, MSNBC inexplicably hired Baldwin to host a weekly talk show. Less than a month later, though, Baldwin was pulled from the air after the Academy Award-less actor was caught on tape screaming “fag” at a photographer (Baldwin denies using the word).

In an obvious attempt to rehabilitate his image, Baldwin recently described Barney Frank, an openly gay ex-Congressman, as one of his heroes and jumped aboard a documentary about his hero’s life.

Less than a month later, Baldwin was again using his Twitter feed to hurl homophobic taunts.



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