Gosnell Filmmakers Poke Holes in Kickstarter CEO's 'PG-13' Defense

Gosnell Filmmakers Poke Holes in Kickstarter CEO's 'PG-13' Defense

The CEO of contends his site tries to keep a PG-13 level of content on its pages.

That’s why the crowdfunding campaign to make a TV movie about convicted killer and late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was initially met with the site’s scrutiny, according to CEO Yancey Strickler. Kickstarter personnel objected to some of the graphic language describing Gosnell’s acts, not any political or ideological objective of the film, they say.

In this case we recommended the filmmakers copyedit both a factual error and a phrase that evoked an incredibly graphic image that felt too strong for a general audience….

We’re proud to promote an environment that respects all beliefs and gives them a voice. In exchange, we try to preserve a tone that’s appropriate for a broad, general audience. In other words, you can raise money for an R-rated film on Kickstarter, but we just ask that you do it in a PG-13 kind of way.

Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, the force behind the Gosnell movie, sent the following list to Breitbart News of campaigns that made the cut and, according to Strickler’s own description, apparently fulfilled the site’s PG-13-style content approach.

  • 16 projects about stabbing
  • 5 projects about incest
  • 44 projects touching on rape
  • 28 projects with the work “fuck” or “fucking” in the title
  • One project with the “C” word in the project description

Here is part of the description from the last project on that list:

I write protest songs for fist pumping and ass shaking. The Occupy Wall Street movement has awakened me. The Bat Cunt cometh.

Breitbart News quickly found the image accompanying this article by searching on the word “gore.”