Will MTV's 'Slednecks' Follow Tawdry Trail Blazed by 'Buckwild?'

Will MTV's 'Slednecks' Follow Tawdry Trail Blazed by 'Buckwild?'

MTV had a hit on its hands when it gathered a bunch of bawdy southerners together for the reality show spectacle Buckwild.

Some West Virginians weren’t pleased by the series, which showed the most boorish side of these attractive southerners.

Now, MTV is looking to capture another uniquely American culture with the upcoming reality series Slednecks. Just don’t call it Buckwild 2 in front of an MTV executive.

MTV President Stephen Friedman said “Slednecks” will not be a version of “Buckwild” in a different setting. Production companies can make a wide range of different series. Zoo Productions has also made “Family Game Night” for Hub, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” for Fox and “Girls Behaving Badly” for Oxygen.

Friedman on Friday compared “Slednecks” to past MTV series “Jersey Shore” and “Laguna Beach” that focused on the unusual experiences of a different group of people.

The first sneak peek, however, makes it sound less than august in its presentation.

Clips of the new series shown to advertisers Thursday featured loud arguments, a snowmobile rider flipping and crashing, and people jumping naked into a lake through a hole cut in thick ice. The show is expected to premiere this fall.

Buckwild proved successful for MTV until one of the show’s cast members, Shain Gandee, died when his car got lodged in a mud pit and died from carbon dioxide fumes.

The new Slednecks does attempt some cultural conversations as the cast features several Native Americans blending with other cultures.