on 'Mom's Night Out' – 'Depressingly Regressive and Borderline Dangerous' on 'Mom's Night Out' – 'Depressingly Regressive and Borderline Dangerous'

The new comedy Mom’s Night Out features a stay-at-home mother who finally gets the chance to cut loose with her girlfriends. Chaos ensues, and so do a few faith-friendly messages for the masses. says the PG-rated movie may be dangerous to the culture at large in its official review.

Depressingly regressive and borderline dangerous, “Moms’ Night Out” peddles archaic notions of gender roles in the name of wacky laughs. But it also wants to be “About Something.” It wants to inspire as well as entertain. It’s “The Hangover” aimed at Christian audiences, and if that sounds like an impossible prospect, well, that’s because it is.

The critic also claims the movie tells audiences that men should work and women should cling to their traditional roles in society.

But the ultimate message here is unmistakable, regardless of your religious beliefs: A woman’s place is in the home, not out on the town.

The New York Daily News also critiqued the film for allegedly saying a woman’s place is solely in the home.

Don’t be fooled by the title, or the “Hangover”-style trailer. “Moms’ Night Out” is really all about moms staying home, where, according to this movie, they apparently belong.


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