'Hornet's Nest' Honors Armed Forces Without Ideological Strafing

'Hornet's Nest' Honors Armed Forces Without Ideological Strafing

A military film that uses real footage to tell its story isn’t a common sight at your local box office on a typical weekend. When you grab your popcorn, you will see posters for action movies, romantic comedies, horror flicks and the like.

So naturally, we’ve been asked many times about our reasoning behind making our film The Hornet’s Nest a theatrical release.

The answer is that our Armed Forces deserve it.

This isn’t a documentary spewing right-vs-left rhetoric or telling you who to vote for. In fact, this is about the opposite: unifying our country in support for the men and women that selflessly serve our great nation. It is a celebration of our many accomplishments and a way to remember our many losses.

Nowadays, an increasingly large number of people get their news from Facebook and Twitter. We’ve become a culture that reads headlines but skims the rest of the article. We are more likely to watch a summary of the news at the top of the hour than read an in-depth story about our military.

So which do you think is a more deserving way to tell the story of the valiant men and women who, unknown to the large majority of Americans, give their lives for our country? On a news feed ticker? Can their stories be summarized in 140 characters or less?

No, I would argue that they deserve a 90-minute event that allows viewers to get an in-depth view of who these people are, why they do what they do, what being on the ground in Afghanistan is like, and, most importantly why you should care.

I don’t care what you think about the war in Afghanistan. But I do care about showing these men and women that they matter, and that their sacrifices were not unnoticed.

So as the film begins to roll out across the nation, please join me in supporting our troops. Pass on the action movie and the rom-com just this once, and learn about the amazing men and women in the movie The Hornet’s Nest.

Christian Tureaud is a twenty-year veteran of the Entertainment Business, and producer and director of The Hornet’s Nest.