Second Video Featuring Justin Bieber Dropping 'N-Word' Leaked

Second Video Featuring Justin Bieber Dropping 'N-Word' Leaked

Justin Bieber recently apologized for a video featuring him, at 15, uttering a racist joke. Given his age, and the heartfelt mea culpa, any career damage seemed to be contained.

Now, a new video has emerged with the pop star uttering more racist comments.

The undated clip finds Bieber inserting the “n-word” into one of his songs and joking about joining the KKK.

British tabloid newspaper The Sun reports that the new footage features the singer using the N-word in “One Less Lonely Girl” (altering the hook to be “One Less Lonely N—–“), joking about killing black people and entertaining the idea of joining the Ku Klux Klan. Though the undated video is not included in the online report, The Sun claims that that it shows Bieber seated and wearing a dog tag and a dark blue shirt, and he sings unaccompanied, repeatedly weaving the racial slur into the lyrics of his 2009 hit.