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Rihanna to CBS Over NFL Song Pull: 'F**k You!'

Rihanna to CBS Over NFL Song Pull: 'F**k You!'

Rihanna, herself a famous victim of domestic abuse, had her song “Run This Town” pulled by CBS last week over the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal. The song was originally scheduled to be part of the Thursday Night Football pregame show. Tuesday, Rihanna lashed out at CBS. 

Via Twitter, the singer blasted the network, “CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday?” Her answer, “NO, Fuck you!”

It was Chris Brown who assaulted Rihanna. CBS pulling one of his songs makes sense. Why pull Rihanna’s? She didn’t do anything wrong. Why punish her for being a victim? Hard to blame her for being angry.

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