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Madison Rising Delivers Rocking Constitution Day Show in Philly

Madison Rising Delivers Rocking Constitution Day Show in Philly

They’ve played at huge professional and college athletic events. NFL halftime shows and Army-Navy pre-game performances are on their impressive resume. But Wednesday night, the patriotic rock band Madison Rising took the stage at the site of one of the greatest victories in the history of mankind. 

That victory had nothing to do with football or any game requiring a scoreboard. Instead it was a win for all of us: the signing of our blueprint of liberty.

Constitution Day is recognized each year on September 17th, the date in 1787 when the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed our amazing governing document. This year the celebration of the Constitution was loud and proud. Madison Rising brought their show to Philadelphia to play a free concert right in front of Independence Hall, where it all began.

Madison Rising’s name pays homage to our fourth president, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. Having this hardworking act in the City of Brotherly Love on Constitution Day made perfect sense. The band, led by Navy vet Dave Bray, did not disappoint. Their show was met with cheers and screams of delight, but above all those who came out on a lovely late summer evening were brimming with patriotism. 

Bray, along with Sam Fishman on drums, AJ Larsen on guitar, and Tom DiPietro on bass, opened up their set with “Amazing America,” and immediately those in attendance waved flags, clapped, and sang along. The tune, chock full of creative lyrics, served as the theme song for Amazing America with Sarah Palin on Sportsman Channel this past season. Many were singing right along, which shows these rockers have really started to get a fan following.

The band played some other originals like the powerful pro-Second Amendment song “Ready If It Goes There,” but most of the show featured old patriotic standards done in Madison Rising’s unique style. “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America” brought smiles to the young and old in the audience. The band left the stage to a standing ovation. Then, after former Highlands, New Jersey mayor Anna Little addressed the crowd, Madison Rising returned to the stage for an encore. They went with the song that really put them on the national map. “The Star Spangled Banner” Madison Rising-style is even more riveting in person. Their unique take on our national anthem had been featured by Palin and others over the years on social media. You can see (and hear) why. The band’s performance on this song is pulsating.

Madison Rising is using music to help lead our country back to the founding principles that made us exceptional. Bray and the boys are making tremendous music, while sending a clear message: traditional American values are still what drive this country. Freedom, liberty, and our Constitution matter to Madison Rising. They’re not alone.

At the beginning and end of the show, Madison Rising brought some lucky little patriots on stage, first to hand out flags and later to help wave those flags and sing on stage with the band. Bray and his mates realize the children of America are the future, and they’re giving kids the opportunity to enhance their love of country through music. Nice touch.

Earlier this month we recognized the 200th anniversary of the writing of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Madison Rising is keeping the timeless and important piece fresh. On Constitution Day, Madison Rising played their hearts out. They entertained and had fun, but most of all they reminded us about all those things that make this country great. Freedom, liberty, children, music… the list goes on and on. A list that would not exist without our precious Constitution.


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