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Feminist Lena Dunham Releases 12 Part Web Series of Advice Videos

Feminist Lena Dunham Releases 12 Part Web Series of Advice Videos

To promote her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, feminist Lena Dunham has released a stream of advice videos in which she shares her “limited knowledge” as a role model to help women with their problems.

Ask Lena is a prelude to Dunham’s novel which addresses topical matters like approaching sex as a feminist, finally ditching “garbage” men, and how to conduct yourself in public settings, which according to her, is not by screaming “I hate Republicans!”

The comedian opens up her office, which is just a drawing and a couple of props, for an exclusive 20-minute therapy session complete with awkward dance moves and tips on how to be the right kind of girl.

Lena’s tip of the day:

“Make a fatty to-do list, and just hit that shit hard.”

Episode 1: Embrace your feminism and wear “booty shorts”

Episode 2: How to be happy with your habits 

Episode 3 : Stay friends after your mean friend ditches you because you broke your leg? 

Episode 4: Finally ditch “garbage” men

Episode 5: How to write as an insecure woman

Episode 6: Confront Your OCD

Episode 7: How to seek the best revenge

Episode 8: Lena’s solution to terrible sex 

Episode 9: Men can get advice from Lena too

Episode 10: How to laugh death in the face

Episode 11: Stop being jealous

Season Finale: How to act civilized in public 


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