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Vice Launches New Series 'The Real' Based on True Stories Behind Hollywood Films and TV

Vice Launches New Series 'The Real' Based on True Stories Behind Hollywood Films and TV

Vice Media launched a unique series called “The Real” which profiles true stories and characters that inspire Hollywood’s most popular films and television shows.

The media company dropped the first episode on Oct. 1, The Real ‘True Detective,’ in which they examined the satanic ritualistic child molestation cases in Ponchatoula, Louisiana that prompted HBO’s True Detective.

Series host Giana Toboni went south to meet with detectives Special Agent Todd Teddler and Captain Stewart Murphy, who investigated the massive scandal. 

She examined D.A. evidence from the case, disturbing images drawn by the adolescent victims, and visited the police station where congregation members from Hosanna Church confessed to the pedophelia allegations.

Teddler and Murphy placed the two criminals behind bars, but locals reportedly still feel unrest from the tragedy that struck their small town nearly a decade ago.

Future episodes center on never-before-heard tales behind Showtime’s “Weeds” and HBO’s “Eastbound & Down.” 

The Real will air bi-weekly on

Supervising Producer for “The Real” Andy Capper says:

After seeing how people reacted to’s The Real Walter White documentary, we decided to expand the concept and investigate the stories which may have inspired other hit TV shows and movies, such as True Detective, Weeds, The Wolf of Wall Street, Eastbound & Down, and more. 

All the films and shows we chose to investigate have strong online followings, and deal with the editorial themes of crime, drugs, and human lunacy — topics VICE has always been interested in.


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