Adam Carolla Scorches Hollywood ‘A**holes,’ Makes Movie His Way

Adam Carolla Scorches Hollywood ‘A**holes,’ Makes Movie His Way

Adam Carolla isn’t just burning bridges to Hollywood. He’s lining them with C4 explosives before dropping a lit match.

The comedian and podcast king is set to speak at the American Film Market Nov. 9, but before then he granted an exclusive interview to about the gig.

Carolla, whose political positions (limited government, pro-gay marriage, pro-pot legalization) make him hard to stereotype, renewed his declaration of independence from established Hollywood models. Only he didn’t mince words while doing so.

I just made a movie without you assholes, and it will be better than 92% of the shit Hollywood cranks out,” he said via phone from his Glendale headquarters.

Road Hard, Carolla’s follow-up to his smart rom-com The Hammer, kicked off with a successful crowdfunding campaign. The upcoming comedy, which stars Carolla, Jay Mohr, David Alan Grier and Larry Miller, follows a stand-up comic (Carolla) facing a career crisis.

The Hammer earned solid reviews during its 2007 release, but the behind-the-scenes maneuvering needed to get the movie made made Carolla wary of the process. He was particularly annoyed when the Sundance Film Festival passed on the project.

He understands how the Hollywood system works, which is why going the crowdfunding route for Road Hard made the process more palatable for him.

When you make a movie with someone else’s money, they want to get their money back,” he said. “When you say, ‘We’re gonna wait six months for Sundance, or come out six months later, they’re gonna say, ‘No, you’re not.’ You entered a business agreement with these people. You can’t just say, ‘I’m an artist, I’ll do what I please’ – then you raise the money, you cut the check next time.

Road Hard isn’t Carolla’s only new film project. He’s wrapping up a documentary on acting legend Paul Newman’s racing career, a project to feature an interview with Robert Redford.

Carolla’s podcast network, featuring The Adam Carolla Show, represents what he dubs his “Pirate Ship.” He runs the company, calls the shots and doesn’t have to answer to any bosses who might want to curb his commentaries.


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