‘Sexy Ebola Nurse’ Halloween Costume Hits Online Stores

‘Sexy Ebola Nurse’ Halloween Costume Hits Online Stores

The current Ebola outbreak has killed nearly 5,000 people and is being referred to by the World Health Organization as the “largest and most complex” outbreak since the virus was discovered in 1976. 

As news about the lethal virus continues to dominate headlines, lo and behold: The “Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume”


The holiday costume comes with a prop gas mask, safety goggles, a hazmat dress, hazmat leggings, and a disclaimer. “Please Note: This item is not suitable for protection against hazardous material.” 

While some have deemed this new creation as the “Costume of the year,” others don’t quite see it that way:

If “Sexy Ebola Nurse” is your costume this year, you need to reevaluate your life decisions http://t.co/XK8khg3YeM

— U.S. News (@usnews) October 29, 2014

This Sexy Ebola Nurse costume offers about as much protection as real nurses are given treating actual Ebola patients pic.twitter.com/PrTtSsukcE

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) October 29, 2014

there is actually a ‘sexy ebola nurse’ costume being sold on the internet…..please remove me from this planet and never bring me back

— anthony spears (@LOHANTHONY) October 26, 2014

Folks may not be limited to the “Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume,” as it appears the makers have some competition. This one isn’t as risqué, but it’s in stock for only $59.99 and comes with blue latex gloves. It’s called the”Sexy Ebola Containment Suit.”

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