Nicki Minaj Accused Of 'Glorifying Nazism' in New Music Video

Nicki Minaj Accused Of 'Glorifying Nazism' in New Music Video

Nicki Minaj assumes the role as dictator in her latest music video entitled “Only” which critics argue blatantly glorifies Hitler because of its prominent use of Nazi imagery.

In the video, Minaj perches on a throne before an army of soldiers wearing red armbands eerily reminiscent of Nazi Swastikas. Red flags bearing the same insignia are also on display.

“Hey @NickiMinaj thanks for the blatant Nazi imagery in your new video! really great allusion to persecution & genocide,” Melissa Morgan tweeted, via Daily Mail

Fellow rappers Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne join Minaj. Brown portrays a military general, Drake takes on the role as the Pope, and Lil Wayne is the head of business, as per Consequence of Sound. 

One Reddit user referenced the video through an opinion piece titled “The new Nicki Minaj video ‘Only’ is glorifying Nazism and Hitler.”

“After watching the video I can’t understand why they went with a Nazi theme. They portray Nicki as Hitler and have the other rappers as her subordinates. They don’t seem to be playing a role that they are satirizing or criticizing, as the lyrics are about them,” wrote NOT_A-DOG.

Director Jeff Osborne reportedly drew inspiration for this particular project from German film director Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda films made during the 1930s. 

Borne has only responded to the backlash thus far by retweeting negative comments and questions he’s received from the Nazi-esque video. Minaj has yet to comment. 

“stop retweeting us and ANSWER THE QUESTION or apologise,” demanded Sean Andrews. 

“you are obviously anti semitic and your nazi propaganda bullsh*t is absolutely unacceptable,” said keyarraaa.

Although the profane lyrics are predominantly featured, subtitles are included for those that may be hard of hearing.