Oscars 2015: Kevin Costner’s ‘Black or White’ Adds to Racial Debate

Oscars 2015: Kevin Costner’s ‘Black or White’ Adds to Racial Debate

According to Variety, Relativity Media’s new drama, Black or White, starring Kevin Costner, is fighting an uphill battle for attention this awards season as the race for the Oscars heats up. 

The film, which features Kevin Coster as a prosperous Los Angeles man in a custody battle with a black woman for his biracial granddaughter, is being referred to by Variety Awards Editor Tim Gray as one of the most timely movies of the year. 

“It also carries a sense of immediacy. No matter who you think is right in Ferguson, Mo., this past week’s events prove that race relations in this country are a mess,” wrote Gray.

Black or White‘s release comes as race relations in America continue to play a major role in the public conversation. Only time will tell if the hot topic will transfer to the silver screen.

The movie, which is reportedly less about race than anticipated, features two parties in a fight for what they believe is best for a biracial child. Over time, the pair reportedly resolves issues with racial prejudice, which is just an underlying theme. 

After major studios passed on the project, Costner reportedly agreed not only to star in the film, but also to put his own money into the project.

Costner’s film might find itself competing with Selma, also a film about racial tension. Selma, which is set during the civil rights era, follows the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and the culture of the civil rights movement.

There may be plenty of room for two race-related films at this year’s Oscars, but both will face some stiff competition in April.