Yet Another Editor Curated ‘Best Of’ 2014 Viral Video List


#11 THE LION KING Australia: Cast Sings “Circle of Life” on Flight Home from Brisbane

Australian cast member Toni Stewart captured this impromptu “Circle of Life” performance on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney. The cast had just boarded after a long day at THE LION KING Brisbane season launch announcement.


#10 Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

For the past three years, Kimmel has challenged parents to pretend they ate all their kids’ Halloween candy, shoot video of it, and upload the video to YouTube. This year’s results did not disappoint.


#9 Kangaroo Street Fight

Two kangaroos had it out in the middle of a residential street; hilarity ensued.

#8 Father Ray Kelly Singing “Hallelujah”

During a wedding ceremony, Priest Ray Kelly surprises with a unique rendition of “Hallelujah.”


#7 Sadie Doesn’t Want Her Brother to Grow Up

Little Sadie thinks her brother is so cute, the thought of him growing up makes her cry.


#6 Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

A young boy was riding his bicycle when he was suddenly the victim of a vicious dog attack. An unlikely hero came out to save the day.

#5 John Wall Remembers Miayah

After an emotional double overtime win, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall remembers a friend who passed away from cancer.


#4 Devil Baby Attack

Pranksters set up an “abandoned” stroller with audio of a crying baby. When members of the general public got close to investigate the child’s welfare, hidden cameras caught their reactions as the demented baby popped up to scare the daylights out of them.

#3 Tortoise Helps Friend

Spectators catch video of a tortoise on its back. Luckily, the animal had a friend close by.


#2 The Apparently Kid

Young Noah Ritter appears destined to be an entertainer. A video of him being interviewed by a local news station ended up going viral, because “apparently” he had never been on live television before.


#1 One Soldier’s Incredible Homecoming

One family received an incredible surprise in front of 85,000 fans at a South Carolina home football game. Their reaction was priceless.



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