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Viral Video

Morocco Protests as Video of Gang Rape on Public Bus Goes Viral

Huge demonstrations against rape were held across Morocco on Tuesday, driven by a viral video that depicts three young men forcibly undressing a woman and sexually assaulting her on a bus, while other passengers laughed and cheered.

Morocco Protests as Video of Gang Rape on Public Bus Goes Viral

Watch: Cuban Americans Tell Their Grandparents Fidel Castro Died

Cuban families across the United States reveled in telling their older relatives this Friday that dictator Fidel Castro had died, with some posting reaction videos of their parents and grandparents hearing that the man who forced them out of their country could no longer persecute them.


Student Celebrates Fame After School Cop Fired for Body Slamming Her

A Texas school district fired the campus police officer caught on tape allegedly body slamming a 12-year-old girl. They cited inconsistencies between the officer’s report of the incident and a 30-second cellphone video which captured it. Meanwhile, the purported victim appeared to brag about her newfound fame and fortune over social media following a national news appearance related to the incident.


Texas School Investigates Possible Excessive Police Force in Viral Video

A Texas public school district launched an investigation into a possible case of excessive force following the release of a cellphone video that captured one of its police officers struggling to restrain a sixth grade female student. It then appeared he slammed her to the ground.


WATCH: Man Saves BBQ Ribs from Apartment Fire

A California man who rushed into his apartment to save a rack of barbecue ribs from a nearby fire gave an interview to a local news cameraman on the scene–and video of the interview has since gone viral.


Beyond Trolling: Trump Looks to Deliver Knockout Blow to Jeb’s Image

Donald Trump is doing a bit more than merely “trolling” Jeb Bush with his Instagram account, as the headline at National Journal has it. Trump is playing a longer game here, and he’s also playing rougher than terms like “trolling” or “minor ribbing” would suggest.

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WATCH: Prankster Gives Homeless Man $100 – and He Feeds Other Homeless

A new video from Youtuber JoshPalerLin is taking the Internet by storm.

Lin’s YouTube channel, which currently has over 700,000 subscribers, usually features pranks and other outlandish activities. For his latest video, Lin decided he would give a homeless man $100 and then follow him to see what he did with the money.