Freedom Lovers: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent Team Up For Wild Day at Texas Ranch

AP Photo/Jon C. Hancock
AP Photo/Jon C. Hancock

The latest edition of Amazing America with Sarah Palin provided that perfect concoction to make a liberal’s head explode–two freedom loving Americans enjoying the outdoors and hunting while talking about God and clean living.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hit the road herself for this installment of the Sportsman Channel program to spend a day with legendary rocker Ted Nugent. The duo were two peas–or two guns on a rack–when Palin paid a visit to Nugent’s Spirit Wild Ranch in China Spring, Texas.

“It’s part of his ongoing mission to make sure that the shooting sports can carry on to future generations,” said Palin of the impressive ranch. The facility features guided hunts that Palin claims should top anyone’s “bucket list”.

During the show Nugent unveiled his deep love of nature and commitment to conservation as well as his new short haircut.  Flanked by his lovely wife Shemane, Nugent welcomed Palin for a day of fun and introspection.

Nugent, a Michigan native, waxed poetic about his first visit to Alaska back in 1977. He called it “a Detroit deer hunter’s dream”. Nugent has been a hunter since he was a boy, and he’s been passionate about the sport since the first time he picked up a gun. Now, he also gives back in very meaningful ways.

Nugent shares venison meat with soup kitchens. He blasted regulations and government gun grabbers saying “when you leave it to the people it’s so efficient”.

Spirit Wild Ranch is stocked with antelope, deer, and even African gemsbok. What else would you expect from a man who learned from the best? Nugent’s dad took young Ted hunting with the legendary Fred Bear. It paid off. “I got to jam with Chuck Berry, ride around the Indy track with Parnelli Jones, bow hunt with Fred Bear, and and hangout and BS with Governor Sarah Palin,” said Nugent. “I’ve been to the mountain top.”

During the tour of the ranch, Nugent presented Palin with a custom made .50 caliber percussion flintlock. The classic firearm is engraved with Palin’s name. It’s the kind of gun that represents powerful American artistry. As expected, she was thrilled to receive this unique gift.

Later, Nugent gave Palin an impromptu archery lesson. Palin is more of a shooter herself, but after Nugent raved about how close a bow hunter needs to be to the animal, she was clearly intrigued. After some quick pointers, Palin was right on target, hitting a decoy deer multiple times.

Although Nugent calls Texas home and he feels the Lone Star State and Alaska are the only two states that still have all the freedoms America is supposed to offer, he credits Detroit for instilling a rugged individualism in him and teaching him that you have to earn your way. He’s earned everything he has. After playing 6,514 concerts, the Motor City Madman is still going strong.

“I relate to, connect with, and am the American guy,” Nugent said. “You’re all about family, faith, and freedom,” Palin concurred. He’s been that way from the start–clean and sober for 66 years. When asked how he avoided the temptation of drugs that comes with rock and roll, Nugent didn’t mince words. “The same way I avoided the temptation to stab myself in the balls with an ice pick,” he chuckled. “It sounded like a stupid idea. I was watching these people drooling and puking and stumbling and dying. You wanna try that, really? This is attractive, how?”

Nugent should be proud of his way of life. Countless fans stayed clean and sober because of him. “You can’t be as wild as I am if you’re drunk,” said Nugent

The big get together ended with a barbecue complete with oryx flesh and a special birthday cake for Nugent made by Palin. Nugent also told some stories of helping the sheriff nab some bad guys, and he fired some shots up a tree after his Labradors noticed a pesky squirrel. All in all a wild day at Spirit Wild Ranch.

Nugent called his meeting with Palin an “honor and privilege”. Palin admitted she was exhausted but “my heart is filled with great memories”.

A visit with another pro-God, pro-gun, freedom loving American seemed to be good for the soul for Palin. She closed the show with “swelling pride about the deep beauty of this land of ours.” Palin’s visit put a premium on “the abundance of options that freedom gives us”. She reminded viewers that in this amazing country of ours “you can grow up to be anything you want to be.” Ted Nugent of Detroit is living proof.

Amazing America with Sarah Palin airs Thursday nights on Sportsman Channel.


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