Website Helps Users Fake Relationships with Automated Texts and Selfies

Wolfram Steinberg/picture-alliance/dpa/AP
Wolfram Steinberg/picture-alliance/dpa/AP

Ever had a friend who had trouble connecting with the opposite sex? Maybe they claimed to have a steady guy or gal, but he or she “lived out of town” and was mysteriously absent from social gatherings and events.

Maybe you have even created a fake sweetheart for yourself at one point, for whatever reason.

If so, you were likely forced to prove your new fling’s affection for you by creating postcards and sweet romantic notes.

Those days have passed, because now the art of bamboozling others into believing you’ve found “love” is going digital with and

As the millennials like to say, “There’s an app for that.”

Should you need it, the new service will provide you with photos and text messages from faux lovers in order to help you sell your romantic escapades to others and for only $29.99 a month.

“Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend are the result of one man’s frustration, and a little bit of desperation,” the company’s blog states.

Dating sucks. We’re excited about the ways Invisible Girlfriend and Boyfriend are helping people navigate the dating scene. The service creates a safe space for you to practice texting with a real human if you’re out of practice. Sometimes it even inspires just enough jealousy to jolt that special person into committing.

The company has designed an auto-texting service that allows users to engage in intimate conversations with phony lovers and promises to “continue to develop unique ways to communicate with phone calls, voicemails, and texting to accommodate our members.”

Those in need of the service can also create unique specifications for their respective girlfriend or boyfriend: hair, eyes, name, etc.

The site will even help you create an elaborate and romantic story of your first chance encounter with “bae.”

We met in a bar called___ in___. I saw you___and I decided to introduce myself. We ordered a round of___and ended up___the whole night.

If you’re feeling sympathetic to the cause or would like to make some extra cash, you can even help out by donating a “selfie.”

If someone selects your image to become his or her invisible beau, you’ll receive an “I’m Someone’s Invisible Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)” t-shirt and even be paid for additional “selflies.”

“Here’s why we need your photos: when our users create their Invisible Boyfriend or Girlfriend, we’d like them to be able to select his/her picture from a collection of images of real people — not just perfect models or posed photos from a stock photography service,” the site states.

Right now, the service is only available to users in the United States and Canada, but the company has announced plans for international expansion.


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