Oscar Night: ‘Birdman’ Wins Best Picture, ‘Selma’ Wins Only For Song


Breitbart News will be live-blogging and commenting on tonight’s Oscar ceremony until the bitter end, which will probably be sometime tomorrow. Latest updates at the top.

12:06 – It’s Over… Closing Thoughts…

By  tomorrow everyone will have already forgotten “Birdman.”  Even the 10 or 11 people who have already seen it.

Neil Patrick Harris will probably get some bad reviews. The real problem was the material, not him.

This was the most political Oscars in a long while, which will not help with lagging ratings. It’s divisive, boorish, and obnoxious watching pampered millionaires pretend they are down with the struggle.

The only person  I was rooting for tonight lost: Michael Keaton.

The dearth of legitimate stars in Hollywood is reaching a crisis point.

Had “American Sniper” won Best Picture Sean Penn would have burst into flames.

“Birdman” won Best Picture? Who are the freaks who vote on this stuff?

Movies released in 2014 better than “Birdman”…

“Get On Up,” “Godzilla,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “Gone Girl,” “The Equalizer,” Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “John Wick,” “American Sniper,” “Interstellar,” “Edge of Tomorrow,”  “Fury,” “Chef,” “The Imitation Game,” and “Nightcrawler.”

I will now go box my RealWorld Compass with an episode of NatGeo’s “Mountain Men.”

Finally: “Birdman” director Inarritu did something tonight I don’t think I have ever heard anyone on the Left do: criticize the Mexican government for the conditions that create this immigration nightmare here in America.He called for a fairer and more decent government in … Mexico, and called America a “wonderful immigrant nation.” The media won’t give that much attention. It’s off-narrative. But it was still nice to hear someone speak that inconvenient truth. 



12:02 – The Oscar for Best Picture Goes To…

PREDICTION: “Birdman.”

WINNER: “Birdman”

Presenter Sean Penn has never been so serious. Feminists aren’t as serious as Sean Penn.


11:52 – The Oscar For Best Actress Goes To…

PREDICTION: Julianne Moore

WINNER: Julianne Moore

This has been a long time coming. Moore was snubbed decades ago for The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, and now that wound has finally healed.

I expected Moore’s speech to be insufferable and pretentious. It was actually very nice.


11:47 – The Oscar for Best Actor Goes To…

PREDICTION: Michael Keaton

WINNER: Eddie Redmayne

Well, that sucks.

That was probably Keaton’s last chance and he was absolutely marvelous. The movie wasn’t great but he was great in it.

Redmayne strikes me as the kind of Best Actor winner we will never hear from again. Like that Gandhi guy.


11:40 – The Oscar for Best Director Goes To…

“Birdman” – Alejandro G. Inarritu.

This pretty much cinches “Birdman’s” Best Picture win.

The thinking was that Linklater might win for “Boyhood” and “Birdman” would still probably win Best Picture.  Nope.

Only real nail biter left is Best Actor. We know Julianne Moore has Best Actress in the bag. So will it be Michael Keaton for “Birdman” or Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything?”


11:33 – Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay Goes To…

“The Imitation Game.”

Very well-crafted screenplay.

Anyone who thought “American Sniper” might pull a Best Picture upset are now less sure.


11:32 – Oprah Does NOT Get a Standing O, Proving the Academy IS Racist

Oprah Winfrey presented the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar and did not get a standing ovation.

Pretty much says it all.


11:31 – And the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay Goes To…


Huge as far as Best Picturedom goes.

“Nightcrawler” should have won.


11:30 – We’re Three Hours In: Weak, Weak Show

There’s nothing horrible about tonight’s show, but it is a bit of a slog. Nothing memorable. No great jokes.


11:21 – And the Oscar for Best Original Score Goes To…

“Grand Budapest Hotel.”

“Budapest” appears to be winning the trophy count tonight.

Wes “thanks” are now up to 4, beating God by 3.


11:18 – Julie Andrews!

Is it sexist to say how great she looks? If so, I take it back.

But how nice to see an actual legend tonight.


11:14 – Marilyn Manson sings “The Sound of Music.”

Whoops, that’s Lady Gaga.

I freakin’ love “The Sound of Music,” but why stop the show for this?

ADDED: I feel bad now. Lady Gaga really did a terrific job. Who knew she had the pipes?


11:11 – Oscar Crowd Gives ‘Selma’ Gratuitous Standing O To Prove They Are Not Racist

Fooling no one, the Oscar crowd gave Common and John Legend a standing ovation as they walked off the stage.


11:07 – John Legend’s Anti-Science Oscar Speech

John Legend said there are more men in prison today than there were during slave times.

The population has increased quite a but since then, John.


11:06 – “Selma”: Oscar Hands Win to Man Who Opposes Interracial Marriage

Common opposes interracial marriage.

No small irony he wins for “Selma.”


11:04 – Best Song: Oscar Crowd Gives Only ‘Selma” Win a Standing O To Prove They’re Not Racist

Fooling no one.


11:01 – Oscar Crowd Gives Standing Ovation to ‘Selma” Song to Prove They’re Not Racist

Fooling no one.


10:56 – Neil Patrick Harris’s Octavia Spencer Gag Replaces Letterman’s Oprah-Uma as Worst Ever Oscar Running Joke…

Please just stop.


10:51 – The Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Goes To…

The Edward Snowden documentary “Citizenfour”


10:47 – Oscar Audience Applauds “Selma” To Pretend They Are Not Racist

Terence Howard introduced three of the Best Picture nominees, including “Selma.”

To pretend they are not racist, the audience gave “Selma” extra loud applause, and fooled no one.


10:42 – And the Oscar For Editing Goes To…


I believe that Oscar number three for “Whiplash.”

This is bad news for “Boyhood” as far as Best Picture goes.


10:35 – Tacky: Mike Nichols Wins Favorite Dead Person Award

The Oscars always manage to make the In Memoriam tacky. Instead of sitting silent, the rubes in the audience applause like it’s a talent contest. All that’s missing is the applause meter.

Then, rather than present the names in alphabetical order, a “favorite” ends the list. This time it was director Mike Nichols, even though we lost giants Lauren Bacall, James Garner Mickey Rooney, and James Garner.

Why do this? Why hurt everyone else’s family with a favorite pick?

Oh, and Joan Rivers and Harold Ramis weren’t mentioned. Man alive.


10:33 – Three Thanks for Guy Named Wes, Zero Thanks for God

In case you were wondering…


10:29 – Meryl Streep Is Presenting the In Memoriam ACTING Very Precious 

No accent, though. So there was some restraint. But she did say “Joan Didion,” which was immediately annoying.


10:23 – Oscar for Best Cinematography Goes To…


The movie wasn’t all that hot but the cinematography is amazing. Long takes to make it look like the movie is shot in one long take. Amazing. It’s also why star Michael Keaton deserves an Oscar tonight. No one edited his performance into something. That is all him.

If it were up to me, Chadwick Boseman would have won the Best Actor Oscar this year for his incredible work as James Brown in “Get On Up.” Because Hollywood and the Academy are racist, he wasn’t even nominated.


10:20 – Oscar for Production Design Goes to…

“Grand Budapest Hotel.”


10:19 – Boring Academy President-Speech Video Break: Al Bundy Insults Fat Women

10:14 – Man, I Miss Star-Gazing

I’m old enough to remember when a big part of the thrill of watching the Oscars was star-gazing — seeing Immortals.

Look at 1974.

Jared Leto? Patricia Arquette? Ethan Hawke? Mark Ruffalo? Emma Stone? It’s more like watching “Bugsy Malone” than the Oscars.


10:11 – Oscar Dead Zone

How can it only be 10:11? Two more hours to go and all we care about are 4 remaining Oscars: Actor, Actress, Director and Picture.


10:09 – And the Oscar For Best Animated Feature Film Goes To…

“Big Hero 6”


10:06 – And the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Goes To…

Something called “Feast.”


10:03 – Millionaire Actresses Whoop-Whooped Wage Equality Tonight

…But only after carefully handing their $150,000 swag bags to an assistant.


10:03 – And the Oscar for Best Visual Effects Goes To…



9:56 – Photo: Jesus Himself Caught Rolling His Eyes at Patricia Arquette’s Dumb Speech

Forgetting she lives in a Judeo-Christian and not a Muslim nation, during her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech, Patricia Arquette called for equal rights for women.

In a Breitbart News exclusive, here is a photo of Jesus Himself rolling his eyes at The Dumb:

9:50 – And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Goes To

MY PREDICTION: Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood.” WINNER: Yep, Arquette. I didn’t much care for “Boyhood” but Arquette was terrific.    

9:47 – And the Oscar for Best Sound Editing Goes To…

” American Sniper.” The sound design for “American Sniper” was just magnificent. This could be a sign of good things to come for the film tonight.    

9:45 – And the Oscar for Sound Mixing Goes Too…

“Whiplash.” This is Oscar number two for this title.    

9:44 – Neil Patrick Harris Does a ‘Birdman” Joke So He Can Show Off His Pecs

Never has one man done so much to come up with an excuse to stand in front of the world in his underwear.    

9:38 – BREAKING: Oscar Finally Breaks Guy-Wearing-Cowboy-Hat Barrier

For the first time since Jane Fonda had anything to say about it, a man wearing a cowboy hat who speaks with a Southern accent was allowed into the Oscar ceremony. Tim McGraw was also allowed to sing something.    

9:36 – Bad Oscar Song Video Break: Sanford & Son


9:34 – Fact: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Too Pretty to Mock

When I’m president that will be my first executive order. Anyone who violates it will be sentenced to life in ObamaCare.    

9:33 – BREAKING: David Oyelwo is Shorter Than Neil Patrick Harris

Didn’t expect that.    

9:30 – Maureen O’Hara Honorary Oscar Win

Maureen O’Hara never won a competitive Oscar. But aged 95 she now has an honorary Oscar.  

9:27 – And the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject Goes to…

“Crisis Hotline: Veteran Press 1”    

9:24 pm – And the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film Goes To…

Something called “The Phone Call”


JK Simmons telling everyone to call their parents…. D


9:16 pm – Terrible Oscar Song Break: Video of Obama Questioning Bush’s

Patriotism Cuz, why not:


9:11 – Polish Director Winner Talks Right Through the Get-Off-The Stage Music

And it was awesome. These folks from Poland have spent decades fighting tyranny. Buncha’ musicians got nothing on Soviet tanks.    

9:08 – Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Goes To…

Something called  … “Ida”    

9:07 – Question: Do I Hate All Wes Anderson Movies

“Rushmore” is one of my favorite all-time films. “The Royal Tenenbaums” is also pretty good. Everything after, ugh.    

9:04 – The Oscars are Sponsored Tonight By AT&T… Hmmm?

Coincidence JK Simmons told 1 billion people to call their parents? I think not.    

8:59 – And the Oscar for Makeup and Hairstyling Goes to…

“Grand Budapest Hotel” That’s two Oscars tonight for this dreadful movie. Of course, the fact the movie stunk is not a commentary on the makeup and hair.    

8:57 – Oscar For Best Costume Design Goes To…

“Grand Budapest Hotel.” Man, I hated this movie. If this movie was a person I would set its mother on fire.    

8:55 – $150,000 Swag Bags for the Nominees Neil Patrick Harris just announced that the Oscar nominee swag bags are filled with $150,000 worth of goodies.    

8:50 – John Wayne Break  Someone is singing a really bad son now. Perfect time for a Duke fix:

8:45 – Neil Patrick Harris Is Plenty Charming But His Material Is Weak

The jokes are really weak, so far. We’re lucky Harris is delivering them. If this were Letterman or Jon Stewart, the show would be in big trouble.  

8:43 – In Acceptance Speech, JK Simmons Shills For Big Telecom

During his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor, Oscar-winner (we can say that now) JK Simmons told viewers to call their parents. “Don’t email, don’t text, call them” Kidding aside, Simmons is the kind of actor you love to see win an Oscar; a guy who has been around and great forever in whatever he did.  

8:36 – Best Supporting Actor Oscar Goes To…

MY GUESS: JK Simmons

WINNER: JK Simmons — well deserved no brainer! (I haven’t seen “Whiplash” but the man is an acting god.) E

dward Norton in “Birdman” and Ethan Hawke in “Boyhood” were both very, very good.

I’ve always liked Hawke and felt he was underrated.

8:32 – Bill Maher: “It’s already the gayest Oscars ever.” I think Maher is using “gay” in the traditional sense; meaning HAPPY — It’s aready the HAPPIEST Oscars ever.  


8:30 – Doogie Opens with a ‘White’ Joke

Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris opens with a joke about how white the Oscars are.

“Tonight we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest — sorry, brightest.”

Sloooowwww down with the edgy, Neil. Slooowww down.


8:26 – How Many Giuliani Jokes Tonight?

There has to be Giuliani jokes tonight, correct. Protect the Emperor, and all that.

It’s an easy hit. An easy applause line. And like the media, this crowd believes questioning the patriotism of a man who apologizes for and wants to fundamentally transform a country he thinks is no more exceptional than anyone else’s is controversial.


8:24 – JK Simmons is a god

That just needed to be said.


8:20 – TV Star Kerry Washington Is Presenting Tonight

Kerry Washington is a television star. The bench for glamour and starpower in the film business is mighty thin.


8:18 – Lady Gaga Says She Is “Tributing a Film” Tonight

Is “tributing” a word?


8:15 – Marilyn Manson Arrives On the Red Carpet In a Dress

My bad, that’s not Marilyn Manson, it’s Lady Gaga.

Oh look, there’s Matt Damon!

My bad, it’s Hilary Swank.


8:13 – Bradly Cooper Doesn’t Know Why “American Sniper” Is So Popular

Asked on the Red Carpet why he thinks “American Sniper” is so popular, star Bradley Cooper said he didn’t know.


8:00 pm – Reese Witherspoon: “It’s hard to be a woman in Hollywood

Reese Witherspoon makes about $10 million per picture, has her own production company, has already won a Best Actress Oscar, and is nominated tonight for another.

Reese Witherspoon and Hillary Clinton … it’s a hard knock life, folks.


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