Street Art Movie Posters Hit Liam Neeson for Gun Control Hypocrisy


Fake posters mocking Liam Neeson’s gun control hypocrisy are popping up on bus stops in Los Angeles.

The posters are a play on posters for Neeson’s current film, Run All Night. Those posters feature an image of Neeson pointing a handgun, captioned with the words “Run All Night.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the anonymous individuals behind the new posters changed the words to “Gun All Right” and added a script that says, “One Hypocrite Laughing All the Way to the Bank.”

As Breitbart News reported on September 12, Neeson said he “is totally for gun control in the US.” He said the gun culture in the US is “crazy,” complained about the number of guns in our country, and mocked the “gun lobby” for wanting to arm more law-abiding citizens for self-defense.

His anti-gun sentiment seemed a bit strange, considering he has made millions carrying and using guns in his various action movies.

Then, following the January terror attack in Paris, Neeson lashed out, saying the attack proved the need for more gun control in the U.S. “There are too many [bleeping] guns out there, especially in America.”

The terror attacks took place in heavily gun-controlled France, of course, not in America. Nonetheless, Neeson blames America.

And now his movie, Run All Night, is in theaters, and he’s trying to make money as a gun-toting action figure once more.

An anonymous group of poster makers in Los Angeles has had enough.

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