Filmmaker Targets Breitbart News for Supporting Women’s Right to Be Armed

campus carry
AP/The Tulsa World/James Gibbard

On March 24, Breitbart News reported that Brave New Films launched a new film and campaign series against Campus Carry in an effort to wage war against the NRA’s efforts to arm women for self-defense on America’s college campuses.

On March 26, Brave New Films founder Robert Greenwald responded to the story with a tweet suggesting the Breitbart News story simply propounded the “gun company solution” to campus rape — namely, “more guns.”

Lost on Greenwald is the fact that the Breitbart News story did not focus on more guns, per se, but on more places in which women with concealed carry permits can carry their guns for self-defense. After all, concealed carry is the heart of campus carry.

There are already guns in “gun free zones”–criminals carry there now. And women with concealed carry permits already have guns as well, but they do not take those guns into areas where the law bars gun possession. Breitbart News simply reported on the reasonableness of allowing women to carry their guns on campus so that criminals are not only ones who have them there.

This is the NRA’s position, and it is one that seeks to preserve women’s lives and dignity instead of sacrificing both.

There is strong research to support the push to allow women to carry their guns on campus, especially the research by Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck.

In 1993, Kleck showed that guns were used for defensive purposes approximately 760,000 times a year in the United States. That is 760,000 times a year a gun is used to save lives or fend off sexual predators or protect property or other justifiable and legal uses.

Kleck’s research has yet to be refuted with “empirical evidence.” Instead, those who disagree with him either mock his research or quote those who have tried to refute him but couldn’t.

Greenwald responded the same way. He did not even attempt to refute Kleck, but instead claimed that the Breitbart News report presented a “solution to campus rape” that revolved around “[buying] guns, body armor, [and] chastity belts.”

We’re still trying to ascertain the meaning behind Greenwald’s “chastity belts” reference.

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