Death Spiral: Comedy Central, MTV Lose a Third of Their Viewers


The only thing keeping Jon Stewart and Comedy Central relevant are carriage fees and a mainstream media that loves Stewart’s socialist ways. Ratings-wise, The Daily Show is a disaster. Last month only 1.25 million total viewers tuned in. In a country of more than 300 million, that is a statistical zero, and Stewart is considered a ratings success on Comedy Central.

Stewart’s influence is all smoke and mirrors based on who watches, not actual popularity. The real Comedy Central money doesn’t come from advertising dollars. How can it when no one watches? The real money comes from the monthly fees parent company Viacom charges your cable provider to carry Comedy Central.

And if Comedy Central is on your over-priced cable package, whether you watch the network or not, you are subsidizing Comedy and Central and Jon Stewart. Both are getting filthy rich off of you.

Because there is a God, the smoke and mirrors are starting to dissipate and shatter. In just one year, a host of cable channels, programmed exclusively to toxify the minds of America’s young people, have lost upwards of a third of their viewers. Because this loss is primarily made up of younger viewers most willing to try new things, you can bet these viewers were lost to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

Nickelodeon is down -34%; Comedy Central -30%; Spike- 23%; MTV -34%.

This is wonderful news. The end is nigh. No one wants to pay for something they are not watching. Cable companies are not going to want to pay fees for networks no one is watching. Viacom took a beating of three quarters of a billion dollars last quarter, and the news is only going to get worse.

Once people figure out they are paying $150  dollars a month for a cable package they never watch and only $20 a month for Amazon and Netflix services they always watch, the cord will be cut.

The streaming revolution is destroying the left-wing affirmative action program of cable television that makes Hollywood multination’s billions of dollars per year. That’s good for your family, for our culture, and for our country.

Imagine there’s no CNN, MSNBC or Comedy Central.

You can if you cut the cable cord.

Power to the people.


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC             


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