Time Running Out on Kickstarter for ‘Starfighter Inc.’ Spiritual Successor to ‘X-Wing’ and ‘TIE Fighter’

Impeller Studios/Kickstarter
Impeller Studios/Kickstarter

At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign for Starfighter Inc., a spiritual successor to celebrated space-combat simulators Star Wars: X-Wing and TIE Fighter, is a little over $60,000 short of it’s $250,000 funding goal with only a day left in the crowdfunding drive.

Starfighter Inc., described on its Kickstarter page as “a hardcore team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter in the vein of X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter,” is in development from Impeller Studios, a small, independent developer made up of a number of industry veterans including Lead Designer David Wessman, the design and story lead for the Star Wars: X-Wing franchise while with LucasArts, and Creative Director Jack Mamais, who served as the lead designer on FarCry and Crysis at Crytek.

“This is the next great space shooter,” Wessman says. “This is the next X-Wing.”

Starfighter Inc. promises 16-player multiplayer matches on dedicated servers, player ship customization, single-player bot matches, and support for virtual reality headsets. The studio also has a number of ambitious stretch goals for the title depending on the level of funding it can generate, including a full-fledged single-player campaign, controllable and customizable capital starships, a larger player cap for multiplayer matches, and many more ships and game modes. At the moment, however, Impeller Studios needs to reach their initial $250,000 goal by tomorrow or the Kickstarter campaign will fail.

“We can make this game,” Wessman states in the project’s summary video. “But we need your help.”


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