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‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Year in Review: Still Off-Target

The king is dead, all hail the king. The Taken King saw the end of the failed experiment known as Destiny 1.0 and an effective re-launch of the game, but is it enough to both win over skeptical players and keep those who have stuck with the game thus far playing?


Live Blog: Game Awards 2015

None of us here at Breitbart Tech have ever been caught staring dead-eyed into a camera while pimping Doritos and Mountain Dew in the name of gaming journalism, so unsurprisingly we weren’t invited to cover the Game Awards 2015.


‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Review: Not Worthy of the Mantle

Halo 5 is a jumble of half measures, trying to cram in ideas from other games but lacking the courage to change up the series’ formula beyond these superficial shifts. The result is an underwhelming experience that is unlikely to entice new fans while frustrating longtime followers of the series.