Watch: 3 Doors Down Singer Throws Man Out of Show for Hitting a Woman

Photo by Katie Darby/Invision/AP
Photo by Katie Darby/Invision/AP

Alternative rock band 3 Doors Down was playing a packed show in Broomfield, CO, this week, when frontman Brad Arnold abruptly stopped the show after he witnessed a man allegedly hit a woman.

The band’s lead guitarist Chris Henderson shared a video of an exchange between Arnold and the concertgoer, who allegedly struck the woman.

In the video, the group is playing its set, when Arnold orders his bandmates to stop the music.

“Hang on, hang on, hang on,” he said. “Hey, homie, you don’t hit a woman… You just pushed a woman out of the way to get in a fight, you d–k.”

Arnold then yelled, “Get him the hell out of here!”

Other concertgoers, who erupted in cheers, immediately hailed the “Kryptonite” singer a hero, and the show continued.

Guitarist Chris Henderson later released a statement to E! News on Friday, saying, “You see people fight in the crowd all the time. In the past Brad has said for people to calm down and love each other but this was ultra aggressive in our eyes. It was so aggressive that he stopped the show for the first time in 15 years to address it head on with the guy.”


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