Microsoft Bringing Game Streaming Between Windows 10 and Xbox One

Casey Rodgers/Invision for Xbox/AP Images
Casey Rodgers/Invision for Xbox/AP Images

Windows 10 for PC debuted on Wednesday, July 29. The platform supports Xbox Live, enabling games to stream from Xbox One to PC, but Xbox Head Phil Spencer recently suggested that the opposite will be possible as well:

In a subsequent interview, Spencer said that PC to Xbox One gameplay via a mouse and keyboard is “absolutely in scope of things that we want to do.” The Xbox head stated that “it’s actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox, but challenge is good.”

While Sony is not creating similar compatibility for the PlayStation 4, third party companies are. Hori, a controller accessory developer, will release a keyboard and mouse called the Tactical Assault Commander (TAC) 4 in time for the November 6 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. But it may not be as good as the native Xbox keyboard/mouse; Hori’s PlayStation 3 keyboard/mouse setup received mixed reviews on Amazon.

Furthermore, Spencer announced that Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to Windows 10:

Microsoft stated that the Windows 10 version “will release at a later time, following the release of the Xbox One version on Aug. 25. The team decided to prioritize polish and performance over street date – to make sure we deliver a great experience for PC gamers. The DX12 version will support 4K resolution, unlimited refresh rates and controller and mouse and keyboard controls, so there was a bit more for us to test, optimize and perfect.”

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