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Microsoft Unifying PC Gaming and Xbox One

Microsoft is making a bold move to unify the PC and Xbox platforms with Universal Windows Applications. If they succeed, the Xbox One will become an even more universal machine, with modular hardware upgrades to extend its life. If they fail, it’s Games for Windows all over again.

Casey Rodgers/Invision for Microsoft/AP Images

Censorship, Prices, and Pirating Strangle Chinese Console Gaming Market

While Sony and Microsoft debuted their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in China within the past year, only 9 million out of China’s 515 million gamers use a console. Due to content censorship, prices, and pirating, Sony and Microsoft are expected to sell less than 550,000 consoles, combined, this year, with online PC and mobile games expected to haul in $16.8 and 4 billion, respectively.

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Review: Man and Machine, The New Tag Team

Rocksteady Studios’ final installment in their critically-acclaimed Batman series, Batman: Arkham Knight, introduces players to a new dynamic duo of not bat and bird, but bat and car. Since the Batman: Arkham games are of high caliber, this review will compare them not merely to other titles in the market, but specifically to the other two Rocksteady games in the Arkham series to highlight the value added, or lost, by Knight.

Rocksteady Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Early Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Tests Reveal Performance Issues

At E3, Microsoft announced backwards compatibility for a limited but growing number of Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Some of these titles, namely Mass Effect, N++, and Perfect Dark Zero have since been tested on Xbox One for visuals and functionality by Eurogamer. General observations included a 1080p graphics quality that resembles the games when played on an Xbox 360 and no screen-tearing but at the expense of lower frame-rates.

BioWare/Microsoft Game Studios