Ciara on Celibacy: ‘We are Christians, And We Love God and Believe in God’


The media doesn’t quite know how to handle the fact that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his pop-star girlfriend Ciara are not having sex.

Ever since the proudly Christian Wilson said he would abstain from sex with his girlfriend due to his religious beliefs, the media has been relentless in asking the couple when they’ll finally give in.

In an interview with CBS’ This Morning on Wednesday, Ciara explained what the decision to practice celibacy means to her both in terms of her Christianity, and, more simply, the positive effect it’s having on her relationship with Wilson.

“When he said that ‘we’re going to be celibate’ – A., I’m surprised that you all told us that, because it really is nobody’s business – were you surprised that he told people that?” anchor Gayle King asked the pop star.

“You know, it was one of those things where it was an organic conversation he was having – I don’t even think he expected to talk about it either – but I guess he was just speaking the reality of what is really going on,” the singer replied.

“You know, I was at church and I think the cool thing is just being able to share our journey with other people like us,” she continued. “It’s a great challenge, I can definitely say that. But it’s awesome because we get to learn, we get to really challenge ourselves, we’re getting to know each other and really build a foundation.”

“And it’s religion-based?” asked anchor Charlie Rose.

“We are Christians, and we love God and believe in God,” Ciara said simply.

“Christians have sex,” interjected King.

“Yes, but I was going to say, just more so based off of wanting to love each other, really wanting to know each other, really wanting to build a solid foundation,” the singer replied. “Because that part (sex) is the cherry on top. I think sometimes that can also cloud your emotions and you can kind of not really get to see a person for who they are. So we’re challenging ourselves.”

King ended the segment by jokingly suggesting that Rose “wants to know when the celibacy is going to end.”

Check out the clip from the interview above.


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