*GRAPHIC CONTENT* Watch ‘Disabled’ Man Display His 19-Inch Penis


Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the 52-year-old Mexican man who literally carries the world’s longest penis, has been offered an exclusive deal with porn company Vivid Entertainment, according to TMZ,which has also obtained footage of Roberto’s behemoth hang down.

Cabrera, whose monstrosity is listed as 18.9 inches, previously stated he wishes to be registered as “disabled” by the Mexican government, as the size of his penis prevents him from undertaking normal tasks, such as working, or maintaining relationships.

Additionally, the man says, women will not date him because they are frightened to have sex with him.

See why:


While the video might be hard to believe, Cabrera has released X-rays showing his main vein to be authentic:

“Look where it is, it goes far below the knees. I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support. Then, I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition'” Cabrera told The Express.

While the Guinness World Records organization does not recognize penis size, at least one porn company, Vivid,  wants to recognize the size of his.

TMZ reports the company approached Roberto in an attempt to negotiate a deal for a sex tape.



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