BART Sued over Urine- and Feces-Covered Elevators

Two advocacy groups and two individuals with disabilities filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco on Wednesday alleging that BART has discriminated against people with disabilities by failing to maintain the transportation agency’s urine and feces-covered elevators.

BART train (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Osborne Faces New Tory Rebellion Over Disability Benefits Cuts

LONDON (Reuters) – Chancellor George Osborne faced the prospect on Friday of a politically damaging and financially costly U-turn as dissent within his ruling Conservative Party grew over his plans to cut disability benefits. Osborne is seen as a contender

disability benefits

World’s First Pornography For The Blind

Anything is possible in the liberal, progressive, multicultural paradise of Sweden. Including, it seems, pornography for the blind. An edgy artist from the Nordic nation has created an X-rated brail book for the visually impaired, featuring a “diverse” range of

pornography for the blind