Watch: Susan Sarandon Praises LSD,Timothy Leary at Burning Man


Susan Sarandon is definitely a champion of LSD.

In a new video, the 68-year-old can be seen and heard singing praises for the hallucinogen at Burning Man, while honoring Timothy Leary for his acid advocacy.

“Timothy Leary, for those who don’t know, was the leader of the whole thing to take LSD away from the CIA and make it a means of exploration for everybody,” Sarandon, who was dressed in a white gown and a crown of roses, says in the clip.

She added: “He suffered at times for doing that, I mean legally, he suffered…and was in prison for a while.”

Leary died in 1996, and left some of his ashes to Sarandon. The remainder were reportedly shot up into space.

The Oscar-winning actress also welcomed those in the audience to share experiences from their favorite or worst acid and mushroom trips.

“Seems to be a gateway drug into a bunch of interesting thought,” she concluded.

Watch: Susan Sarandon Gets All Trippy in Video Tribute to LSD Guru, compliments of TMZ:


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