Burning Man

Politico: Joe Biden ‘Supercharged’ America’s Opioid Crisis

Former vice president Joe Biden “supercharged” America’s devastating opioid crisis through policies he backed as a U.S. Senator, cracking down on overdose prevention sites and making it riskier to call 911 if someone overdosed.

Joe Biden Senate (Marcy Nighswander / Associated Press)

Burning Man Buys Nevada Site for Year-Round Party

The organization that puts on the annual Burning Man festival has purchased a vast stretch of land in the Nevada desert with the hopes of turning its week-long festival into a year-round destination and expanding its “cultural impact.”

Burning Man (Mindaugas Danys / Flickr / CC)

Burning Man: A Modest Proposal

Middle-aged tech scene beta males go to Burning Man, an annual festival of self-indulgence and terrible fashion at which the worst people in the world congregate for a week of free love and bartered narcotics.


Report: Burning Man Infested by Swarms of Bugs

Tens of thousands of festival-goers could risk exposure to a bug invasion at this year’s Burning Man festival, with smelly critters delivering stinging bites.

Burning Man bug (BLM Nevada / Flickr / CC / Cropped)