Jim Carrey’s Ex Posted Image of Scientology Depression IV Treatment Weeks Before Suicide


Cathriona White, the former girlfriend of comedian Jim Carrey, shared an image online of her participating in Scientology’s all-natural antidepressant purification process weeks before her suspected suicide.

White was found dead Monday Sept. 28 inside her Sherman Oaks, California home, days after Carrey abruptly ended their relationship.

The 30-year-old industry makeup artist died in close proximity to three drugs that were prescribed to Carrey under an alias, according to TMZ, which also reports it is still unclear which drug(s) killed her.

White was in possession of the sleep aid Ambien, the painkiller Percocet, and the blood pressure drug Propranolol.

White also left behind a suicide note, which police have confirmed referenced her breakup with Carrey.

A photo shared on Instagram by White seven weeks ago shows her taking an intravenous drip of what she identifies as Vitamins B and C, as well as the naturally-occurring antioxidant glutathione, The Daily Mail reports.

Scientologists are instructed to the natural cocktail, as it will protect them from depression, which The Mail reports runs in White’s family.

White was involved with the Church of Scientology and was taking classes at the group’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre, blogger Tony Ortega reported this week.

Two of White’s friends revealed Wednesday to Ortega she was in the process of taking Scientology survival classes in Los Angeles.

Ortega’s sources said at the time of her death, White was working to complete her Scientology “objectives” while taking the “Survival Rundown,” which is a course where members of the group are asked to complete tasks while being quizzed by another member of the group, The Daily Mirror reported.

Ortega also reported Carrey was dismissive of White’s involvement with Scientology.

As The Daily Mail points out, Scientology is well-known for its insistence that members of the group avoid psychiatry and antidepressants, by teaching that the human brain is a shell that holds alien spirits which can be released only by Scientology treatments.


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