Cher: Trump Is a ‘Giant’ among Republican Rivals


Cher has been critical of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s presidential campaign since June. Friday, the singer took to Twitter to describe the candidate as a “giant” among his competitors.

In the same post, she also condemned several of Trump’s GOP rivals, whom she has been analyzing as of late. She wrote, “Cruz = devil. Rubio = RAGE AGAINST WOMEN. Carson = JUST TELL ME WHY?!”:

Cher later clarified she will not be voting for Mr. Trump in 2016, as her support will be going to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but the New York billionaire thanked her anyhow for the post, tweeting “So nice of @Cher— greatly appreciated!”:

The 69-year-old, who made up half of the 1960s pop music duo Sonny & Cher, has sent out dozens of tweets in recent months regarding Trump’s candidacy and has predicted his “demise,” while using words such as “mentally challenged,” “classless,” and “narcissistic.”

She made no clarifying comments Friday about what might have prompted the dramatic turnaround in her opinion of Trump.

After Trump declared his candidacy in June, she tweeted:

The Democrat political activist has referred to the rest of the Republican candidates online as “CRO-MAGNON CRETINS,” among other pejorative terms, despite their diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, and economic backgrounds.

Cher previously referred to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a “sad sack,” and in a post that was largely indecipherable, she hit Carson Friday as having “NoSt.Cred”:

Cher is supporting Hillary Clinton, whom she wrote Friday is “uniquely qualified”:


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