Actress Julianne Moore: ‘A Majority of Gun Owners’ Want More Gun Control

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On October 28 Julianne Moore used a Huffington Post blog to expound on her new position with Everytown for Gun Safety and to claim that “a majority of gun owners” want more gun control.

Moore did not state which new rules and limitations gun owners would like to see placed on their Second Amendment rights. Rather, she quoted the go-to liberal talking point that “90 percent of Americans support common-sense reforms that are proven to save lives.” She provided no footnote or citation to back this up, she simply stated it as a matter of fact.

She said most people do not know gun owners support gun control because of the work the “gun lobby” does to suppress it.

Moore then pointed to seat-belts and other car safety regulations that have been enacted over the decades as something the gun control movement can emulate. And she encouraged people to join her gun control movement and push for Congress and the “gun lobby” to take up the cause.

Moore did not address Duke University researcher Chris Conover’s recent study demonstrating that owning a car is, in fact, “80 percent” riskier than owning a gun, as it relates to the lives of others. Conover did this by showing that people like Moore and groups like Everytown base their assessment that cars have become safer than guns solely on the comparison of total deaths–car-related deaths v firearm-related deaths. He explained that they do this without considering how many tens of millions more guns there are than cars in this country.

Nevertheless, Moore suggests the car safety regulations enacted over the past few decades offer a blueprint  for the way in which gun controllers must go, and she assures us that “90 percent of Americans” support more gun control–and that includes “a majority of gun owners.” She doesn’t provide any facts to back these things up and she overlooks studies like Conover’s. But she did provide a link to a list of Hollywood elites who have joined her gun control push.

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