LAX Wins Approval to Build Special Terminal for Celebrities


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) won approval on Thursday to build a special terminal dedicated to the rich and the famous.

The Guardian reports that the Board of Airport Commissioners signed off on a plan to redevelop an old cargo hangar into the Los Angeles Suite, which will be dedicated to stars and other big spenders.

The converted hangar, which is located at 6851 West Imperial Highway, includes a 43,750-square-foot building and a 13,840-square-foot parking lot.

Those willing to pay the terminal’s estimated costs, between $1500 and $1800, will be able to reach their first-class seats directly without being seen by or coming into contact with the general public.

Use of the suite will also include private lounges, catering, and separate security and border checkpoints. Guests will then be driven directly to their plane.

Airport officials told The Guardian that the new terminal was aimed at attracting more celebrities and business executives to LAX; however, Deborah Ale Flint, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports, told the paper that the plans were also drafted with the public in mind.

Flint said providing celebrities with a private route will also improve the experience of everyday travelers in the main terminal who are often “caught up in media scrums” between celebrities and photographers.

While it has been estimated that the average traveler takes around 2,200 steps from car to plane when traveling through LAX, those using the exclusive new terminal would likely take about 60 steps.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the LAX lounge will be built and operated by Gavin de Becker and Associates, an L.A.-based security firm.

The firm plans to open the lounge in six to eight months.


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