Tracy Morgan Says He Spoke to God After Near-Fatal Car Crash: ‘I Went to the Other Side’


Former Saturday Night Live star Tracy Morgan says God spoke to him after he was involved in a near-fatal car accident in June 2014.

Speaking to Complex magazine about his long road to recovery, Morgan said that as he lay dying last summer, he received a message from above.

“I went to the other side. This is not something I’m making up,” said the 47-year-old comedian. “Do you know what God said to me? He said, ‘Your room ain’t ready. I still got something for you to do.’ And here I am, doing an interview with you.”

Morgan also said, “You’re never going to be normal after you go through something like that. You don’t die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me. Something’s going to be missing, something’s going to be gained — you just got to live your life after that.”

The star was left in a critical condition after his limousine was involved in a collision with a truck on a New Jersey highway. The deadly crash put him in a coma for eight days and killed his friend, James McNair, who was also a passenger.

As a result of the accident, Morgan was left with a traumatic brain injury.

Since coming out of his coma, he tells the magazine he has been focusing his energy on getting ready for the next phase of his life. He also has plans for a revival of his career.

That revival kicked off a month ago, when Morgan stopped by a familiar set.

Morgan appeared on SNL in October, where he joked about the accident that nearly killed him.

“People are wondering, ‘Can he speak? Does he have 100 percent mental capacity?’ The truth is, I never did! I might actually be a few points higher now,” Morgan joked during the show.

He told Complex during this week’s interview that he is optimistic about his future.

“When the sun’s up, I try to get it on and poppin’. When the sun is up, I try to make it happen,” he said. “That’s what I’m doing, whatever it is! I’m going to do it until I’m satisfied.”

Read Morgan’s full interview with Complex here.


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