Richard Dreyfuss: Donald Trump a ‘Small-D*cked Prick’

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Actor Richard Dreyfuss took to Twitter Monday evening to fire off several profanity-laced tweets against presumptive GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

In one particularly nasty tweet, which has since been deleted, the 68-year-old Jaws star described the billionaire real estate magnate as “a small-d*cked prick,” who had celebrity “whores” supporting his White House run.

“The saddest people aren’t Donald Trump’s supporters. They’re really struggling. It’s Donald Trump’s celebrity supporters who are whores,” the Oscar-winning actor wrote in the deleted tweet, the content of which were captured by Mediaite.

Dreyfuss later described meeting Donald Trump at party in Malibu, California.

“He got very upset that his date had the gault [sic] to speak with other guests,” the actor tweeted to his nearly 92,000 Twitter followers. “He acted like a small d*cked prick and pusher from the party and left [us] wondering if we had made a mistake [to let] her go with him.”

“I get the thing about ‘off the cuff speaking.’ I get it! But when that speaking is dedicated to hurting latino americans, you’re a racist,” Dreyfuss said before calling Trump “a manifestly unqualified racist.”

Trump has not yet responded to Dreyfuss’s insults.

Dreyfuss’s political preferences are difficult to ascertain. He’s previously described himself as “pre-partisan” and a “compassionate conservative;” he told the Wrap in February that he has not been a registered Democrat since 2004.

However, the actor also publicly celebrated President Obama’s reelection in 2012:

This is hardly the first time that Dreyfuss has criticized Trump; in the same interview with the Wrap, the veteran actor conceded that the now-GOP frontrunner had “defied everyone’s laws and everyone’s predictions.”

“It’s amusing, amazing and horrifying. I don’t know if anyone realizes that Donald Trump has revealed a fundamental flaw in the Constitution, which is that there should be a bar one never goes below in terms of intelligence for office holders,” he said then.


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