Kesha: ‘Monitor’ Gun Owners and Guns They Own

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a September 8 interview that ran in Glamour magazine, pop singer Kesha said we need to “monitor” gun owners and the guns they own.

Responding to a question about her participation in an event with Gabby Giffords’ gun control group during the Democrat National Convention, Kesha told Glamour that part of growing up an American is hearing “about people getting shot on an everyday basis.”

She said, “It breaks my heart and makes me sick every time I hear of innocent people being killed by guns.” She described gun violence as “an epidemic” and said “we cannot ignore all of the mass shootings” any longer.

She spoke of monitoring gun owners and their guns: “You can’t predict when someone’s anger or resentment will become so deep that they want to kill another person, but you can monitor who has access to guns, and what kind of gun they have access to.”

It should be noted that when Kesha talks about monitoring people and guns, she is really talking about limiting access to firearms and passing outright bans on certain kinds of guns. She said:

I understand that the right to own a gun is a constitutional issue, but our first right as humans is to live. By not putting some sort of boundaries on gun ownership, the right to simply live is taken away from some people for no reason. Why does a hunter need an assault rifle? And if anyone can buy an assault rifle, why can’t we all buy rocket-propelled grenade launchers?

Controlling people and guns has become a popular refrain for Kesha. On July 27, Breitbart News reported that she told Gabby Giffords’ gun control group that although no one can “control every single person,” it is possible to “control … who we give the f**king weapons to.”

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