Lewis Black: ‘If You Vote for Donald Trump, You’re Going to Go to Hell’

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Comedian Lewis Black held nothing back while discussing the 2016 presidential election on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week.

“I’m saying this as a friend: If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re going to hell,” Black told Meyers. “I know this because God told me.”

The outspoken 68-year-old comedian railed against the Republican presidential candidate and the idiocy of cable news during his appearance on Meyers’ show Wednesday night, telling the late-night host that coverage of the election makes him “lose [his] mind.”

“They’ve gotta be stopped,” Black said. “Four analysts for anything that happens. ‘What did ‘deplorable’ mean?’ It means ‘deplorable,’ jackass! The debates haven’t even happened yet, but they’re gonna end and there’s gonna be eight or 12 of these idiots sitting around telling us, like we didn’t see it, what we just heard. I know what I heard. These are ears, schmuck!”

Despite the harsh words for Trump, Black is no fan of Democrat Hillary Clinton, either. The comedian told the Village Voice in August that he’s in the “lesser of two evils” camp when it comes to the 2016 election.

“Common sense doesn’t seem to be her strong suit, but that comes with spending too much time in Arkansas,” he told the paper. “Sometimes I feel the Clintons were walking in a park somewhere and got hit by lightning.”

Still, Black has repeatedly criticized Trump this year, including in an appearance on Larry Wilmore’s second-to-last show on Comedy Central in August.

“At some point, it has to stop. We would be better off as a people if there’s Donald Trump as a duck, and you heard quacking, and Clinton as a Chihuahua, and you heard barking,” he said.

Watch Black’s appearance on Late Night above.


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