Davi: Trump the ‘One Candidate Who Can Save the Republic’ from Last 40 Years of Ruin


My Dear Fellow Americans.

We all know this election is for the survival of our nation. We all witnessed the hard-fought and exciting GOP primary. We all have heard that Politics is a bloodsport. This is no secret.

But what is shocking is that the pundits and media all suffer from convenient amnesia, as do some politicians. A continual political three-card monte has been perpetrated against the American people, by both parties, but even more insidiously by some in the GOP.

Let us go back to the 1980 primary. Reagan was considered the outsider, and Bush the insider. They fought a hardly-contested battle. Do you remember the term ” voodoo economics?” It was said as a derogatory attack on Reagan’s economic policy. Do you remember who said it? If you said George Bush, you were right!

Now here is where it gets fishy: after Reagan won the primary and George Bush was chosen as his running mate, Bush, a man we all respect, denied ever calling Reagan’s plan “voodoo economics.” Oh well, Politics! After eight years of serving as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President! A presidency that brought down the BERLIN WALL! The end of the COLD WAR! BROUGHT US JUSTICE SCALIA! HOSTAGES BROUGHT HOME! ECONOMIC PROSPERITY! A SAFER WORLD! PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!

Yes, my dear fellow Americans, after being by Ronald Reagan’s side for eight years — after having been his partner for eight years of thriving success and seeing America win — George Bush campaigned for the presidency under the slogan ” A Kindler Gentler Nation.”

Did you catch that? “A KINDLER GENTLER NATION.” What George Bush was alluding to was that Reagan was a cowboy, a “rough and tumble” kind of guy, unkind, and America must now become, well, become what? With all of Ronald Reagan’s successes, Bush decided not to campaign under his boss’s policies.

Do you realize the significance of this? Thus began the globalization of America! The stage was set. Imagine if Joe Biden were now the Democratic presidential candidate and he came out and campaigned under “We need a STRONGER AMERICA.” What would that say about Obama’s legacy?

But you see the left doesn’t want a strong America. Hillary’s slogan is “Stronger Together” — that is a linguistic battle cry for the progressive socialism the Globalists want for the world, not for a stronger, better America.

My dear friends, there is only one person running for President of the United States, and that is Donald J. Trump. Those who oppose him, even among the GOP elite “Never Trump” faction are either sadly misinformed, refuse to face the truth or are Globalists who wish America to be so “kind and gentle” that we will not assimilate but rather integrate into Kosovo!

What is astounding is that if conservatism were the major concern for those doubting Trump’s run, then why are they holding out? If the bastion of the protection of the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Court — we all know where DJT stands on picking justices.

And here’s my question to Ted Cruz — Ted, knowing as you do what’s at stake: Why in God’s name do you let your ego, and perhaps jealousy, not let you drop all pretense and now lead the Never Trumpers out of the desert? Kasich is unable; with Common Core and TPP, he is too soft and mushy. But you Ted, you could do a very noble deed and endorse the one candidate who can save the Republic from the last 40 years of incremental ruin. Besides the media frenzy, it would be a hell of a thing to do.

Go on Ted! Do it for the Gipper!


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