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Davi: Vivek Ramaswamy Throws a Knock Out Punch

I tuned into the Republican Presidential Primary debate in Miami, Florida, last night expecting the usual but after the first few moments, Vivek Ramaswamy threw a right hook that had the RNC, the media, and career politicians on the mat.

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy speaks during a Republican presidential primary debate hosted

Actor Robert Davi: Ronald Reagan Did Not Take a Knee

In the 1940s, one man stood up for America. One man had the historical authority and understanding about what was happening. Ronald Reagan changed the course of our nation. He was a force of nature. Reagan was hailed as “a one man battalion,” a one man wrecking crew, who defeated Communism in America.

Ronald Reagan

Davi: Would Frank Sinatra Have Been a Deplorable?

We are in a different America today. An America that is on the verge of being “fundamentally changed,” as President Obama promised. The sole obstacle for the accomplishment of this change is “a one man wrecking crew” in Donald J Trump, who, like Reagan, was hated by the left. The one difference is, as I mentioned earlier, there were those movers and shakers in Hollywood who stood up for Reagan. Today, those that might have stood up for Trump have been rendered silent for fear of repercussion.

SAN FRANCISCO - NOVEMBER 1, 1960: Singer Frank Sinatra attends a campaign event for Democr

Davi: Trump, America First — Hillary, America Deceived

The truth is, under Hillary Clinton and her party, America has never been weaker. She once again has made rhetoric an opiate to deaden her own ineptitude. Under her party, America has never been in more danger. I hear some pundits refer to Trump as a “demagogue.” The irony is the whole of the progressive party is just that.


DAVI: The GOP Establishment Joins The Hollywood Left to Fight Donald Trump and The American Voter

Well, my dear friends, it is Trump’s agenda that inspired the biggest turnout in a GOP primary — and now, the establishment wants to subvert the people by withholding their allegiance to Trump. And what’s more disgusting, they do it in the name of conservatism. We all keep hearing a concern that Trump will cause the GOP to lose the House and the Senate. Let me tell my pundit friends at the Daily Caller, National Review, and in the GOPe that Trump is the only hope of you not losing the House and Senate. You were going to get your clocks cleaned.

AP Photo/Seth Perlman

Davi: Hugs Won’t Rebuild America

When you can’t get a job and put food on your table, you don’t need a hug. When you see the systematic flooding of illegal immigrants that do not assimilate and are indoctrinated into socialism, hugs are not needed. I mean, hugs are great at a wake or in romance or at church. However, when you are gasping for breath, you do not need a hug; you need air, you need action.


For Frank Sinatra, Jr.

When a celebrity passes, it feels a part of you has been lost. The collective consciousness we all share when it comes to the death of a public figure is compounded by that celebrity’s fame and effect on the world.

Frank Sinatra Jr. (Associated Press)

Davi: Donald Trump is Like Reagan and Churchill

My Dear Fellow Americans, I have written many times about how tone deaf and out of touch the GOP is with the common man. Their candidates for the most part do not resonate. Except one.

Donald-Trump Gerald Herbert AP

DAVI: It Will Be a National Shame if Obama Skips Scalia’s Funeral

My dear fellow Americans, all Italian Americans, U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama: I am appalled to have learned that President Obama will not attend Justice Scalia’s funeral. Mr. President, Italian Lives Matter. It is an egregious, negligent, disrespectful mistake–and quite revealing.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - United States Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia and Mrs. Sca

Exclusive – Davi: When Johnny Friendly and His Goons Took Over National Review

Like the stale politicians who have let the American people down, the establishment types at National Review behind the “Against Trump” issue cling to their own John Friendly political mafia. Johnny Friendly and his goons in the film “On the Waterfront” throw anyone who exposes their irrelevancy off the roof.


Robert Davi: Donald Trump is the John Wayne of Politics

If Ronald Reagan was the Gary Cooper of politics, Trump is the John Wayne. So, pilgrim, I’d rather have a President Trump who tells it like it is than a deceiver who feeds us sugarcoated poison at bedtime, only to have us wake up dead.


DAVI: To Defeat Radical Islam, the West Must Stand for Symbols of Tradition

As every Christmas season approaches, I wait for what new scheme secularists come up with to test the waters in their deliberate and incremental eradicating of Christmas in our country. This has been going on for years, like a creeping fog that slowly roles in during dead of night so that when you wake there is no trace of the most Joyous holiday to mankind.

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Davi: Trump Appeals to Those Whose Minds Haven’t Been Poisoned by the Left

Let me ask you and please answer honestly: How many of us—if we received a million dollar loan from our father or mother or any family member—could turn that into a multi-billion dollar business? How many of us? Well, I couldn’t. I made money in my life and if I had the ability to do so I would have. I’m not able. I’m sure if you’re honest you would say that you most likely wouldn’t be able to, either. And yet, some in the media are ridiculing Donald Trump for being able to do so.

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Robert Davi: The ‘Debbicrats’ Are the Real Circus ‘Clowns’

Are we going to hold Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic Party accountable for their comments or let them continue to malign and define our candidates? Wasserman Schultz said even socialist Bernie Sanders is a better choice

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Exclusive—Davi: Trump, the Lion We Need

Okay, let’s get ready to rummmbbbblllleee! We are approaching the most important election in our lifetime, not only because of the life threatening issues facing our nation and the world, but also because the progressive party and the media have incrementally

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