Hillary Clinton Appears on ‘Funny or Die’ with Zach Galifianakis

Hillary Clinton Between Two Ferns (Screenshot)
Funny or Die / Screenshot

On Thursday morning, the Funny or Die website released a comedic interview between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and actor Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns, a fictional talk show regularly featured on the website.

The interview begins with Clinton sitting alone in the studio, wearing a badly-taped lapel microphone, asking: “Where is he? Where’s Zach?” The host creeps onto the set in a scary Halloween mask before being tackled by his own security personnel.

The chyron introduces Clinton as “Hillary Clinton: Had Pneumonia.” Galifianakis asks: “Are you excited to be the first girl president?” Clinton gives a straight answer, which Galifianakis follows up by asking about being the first white president for a “younger, younger generation” that grew up under President Barack Obama. He also asks how many words per minute she typed as Secretary of State, and whether Obama liked his coffee “like himself, weak.” She calls those “out of date” questions.

He then asks whether Clinton is “down with T-P-P.” She says she is, to which he replies: “No, you’re supposed to say, ‘Yeah, you know me.'” Galifianakis then moves on to jokes at Trump’s expense: “When he’s elected president and Kid Rock becomes Secretary of State, will you move to Canada?” Clinton replies that she will try to prevent Trump “from destroying the United States,” which leads Galifianakis to ask whether she will lose the civil war. She eventually says: “I really regret doing this.”

When Galifianakis asks her what she will wear to the first presidential debate, Clinton complains about “the double standard.” Asked about what Trump will wear, she says he will probably wear a “that red power tie.” “Or maybe like a White Power tie?” Galifianakis asks. “That’s even more appropriate,” she answers. He asks later whether Michelle Obama wrote Melania Trump’s vows at Donald Trump’s wedding, which Clinton attended. Toward the end, a Trump commercial interrupts the interview. Galifianakis ends with a zinger: “We should stay in touch. What’s the best way to reach you? Email?” She stares.

Between Two Ferns won an Emmy in 2014 for an interview between Galifianakis and President Barack Obama, focusing on Obamacare. The interview poked fun at the troubled healthcare.gov website as a way of encouraging young people to enroll.

Elsewhere across the nation Thursday, the city of Charlotte attempted to regroup after a second night of rioting, in which one man was shot and gravely wounded as crowds vandalized buildings and assaulted bystanders in a Black Lives Matter protest.

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