Comedian Hangs Up Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ at L.A. Zoo

A California comedian who cavorts on social media under the name “Obvious Plant” left a series of fake “Animal Facts” placards around the Los Angeles Zoo this weekend, delighting some and confusing others with the offbeat claims about the creatures around them.

Comedian Leaves Hilarious ‘Animal Facts’ Placards at L.A. Zoo

Why Muslims Cannot Poke Fun at Muhammad

In a recent piece in the Asia Times, economist David P. Goldman analyzes why Muslims—unlike Jews and Christians—have such a hard time poking fun at their prophets.


Poll: One in Four Russians Thinks Putin Jokes Should Be ‘Off-Limits’

A full quarter of Russian respondents to a poll by state-run pollster VTsIOM answered that jokes about President Vladimir Putin should be off-limits to comedians. 79 percent said religious jokes are inappropriate, with more than half answering the same for war and terrorism.


Italians Respond to ISIS ‘Tower of Pizza’ Threats with Ridicule

While Italy’s government gears up for serious confrontation following ISIS threats to “conquer Rome,” putting the country on high alert and upping security at “sensitive targets,” the Italian rank and file are responding in a typically Italian way: with ridicule.

rome attack

Our response to Charlie Hebdo Should Be Ridicule, Not Retaliation

Our response should be hope: hope that ridicule and not retaliation is our response. Because in the bleak twilight of French grief, when it seems that nothing could ever make good on the loss and violation that these animals have unleashed in one of the world’s great capital cities, what ought to ring out loud and true are not the echoes of gunfire—but guffaws at the proposition that subhumans with submachine guns will undo the achievements of our civilisation.

Valentina Calà/Flickr