Daniel Baldwin Blasts Election Recount Effort: ‘Suck It Up, You Lost’


Actor Daniel Baldwin has a message for those who still can’t accept the results of this year’s presidential election: suck it up.

The 56-year-old actor told TMZ this week that for those disaffected by Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, the best thing to do is lobby to “change the system,” not complain about the winner.

“This is the same thing I said to people who didn’t believe in the war that was going on,” Baldwin told a TMZ cameraman at LAX. “I said, you’re going to punk these kids that are over there fighting the war now? You can’t do that… If you don’t like the reasons that we’re over there for the war, then fight the system and fight the government, tell them we don’t wanna be in a war anymore. But you don’t do that to the kids.”

“Same thing in this case,” Baldwin continued. “This guy won. This is the system you have. The Electoral College, checks and balances that were set up that you could possibly lose the popular vote but still carry the day Electoral College-wise.”

“Suck it up, pull up your big-boy panties now, ’cause you lost,” he added.

Earlier this week, Green Party candidate Jill Stein announced that she would raise money to mount a recount effort in several of the states that Trump won, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, eventually raising millions in an online fundraising campaign.

However, the effort was dealt a serious blow when it was reported Monday that Stein had missed the deadline to file for a recount in Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes.

When asked whether he thought Clinton — whose campaign joined Stein’s recount effort earlier this week — was acting hypocritically after the candidate previously bashed Trump for saying he may not accept the results of the election, Baldwin demurred, explaining that she lost two consecutive presidential elections.

“Obviously, America does not want her to be president,” he said.

Watch the brief interview with Baldwin above.


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