Report: Lindsay Lohan Spending Holidays with Refugees

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Actress Lindsay Lohan will reportedly spend the Christmas holidays working and visiting with refugees in Turkey.

While the 30-year-old actress told the New York Post‘s Page Six that the dates haven’t been finalized, she said she will eschew spending the holidays with her family in order to continue her work with refugees.

“I am deciding now if I will head back to do more work in refugee camps in Turkey and Antep during or after the New Year,” Lohan told Page Six.

“I miss my family a lot,” she added. “But they are very supportive and understanding of the fact that my main focus is business, writing and soon to start another film. More so, my work with refugees.”

The actress said her holiday plans will depend on how Turkey feels about her presence following terrorist attacks in Isanbul, but that wouldn’t deter her from offering her help to refugees.

Lohan also said she plans to send gifts to family and friends for the holidays, but as for her own Christmas wish list, she’s “good with no materialistic gifts.”

Lohan’s holiday plans come as the actress has reportedly planned to donate all proceeds from her ownership stake in new Greek nightclub Lohan to refugee groups in the country.

“Lindsay feels very strongly that there is a global refugee crisis going on and her country, the U.S., has taken in hardly any refugees,” a spokesperson for the Lohan nightclub said, according to the UK Express. “Lindsay said she will take all the profits from her share of the business to use for refugee causes.”

In September, Lohan visited Syrian refugees at a hospital in Istanbul and brought gifts to a refugee family from Aleppo. The following month, the actress teamed with German energy drink maker Mintanine to gift free energy drinks to refugee camps in the country.


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